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Dealer Sales

We are here to help you! If you are not signed up with us, please go to our Dealer Registration page and submit copies of your FFL & SOT. We hate filling out forms too. We welcome all dealers, whether they be brand new ‘Kitchen Table’ FFL’s or well established B&M’s. By signing up with us, you will also be added to our weekly email list. We send out industry news, updates about ATF Form times, any specials or sales being run, and new products manufacturers are bringing to the market.

With our experience, we are ideally suited to help with any questions you have. As that we are an NFA specific distributor, any of our outstanding sales reps may help answer any technical questions you or your customers may have.  We also can help with any Form related questions you have. We can send ‘How To’ guides for Form 3 (SOT to SOT transfer) or Form 4’s (Tax Paid Transfer). We can also help provide guidance on using the ATF eForms system and answer any questions you have about how that process works. We also typically give you same day Form 3’s with your invoice, so that you have the serial number(s) to assign for your customers. This may allow you to start your paperwork early, helping your customer out with a shorter wait time.

Do you do a large amount of volume online to out of state customers? We will drop ship directly to your customers receiving dealer. No extra costs, and you do not have to sit on extra inventory, or add additional Form 3 wait time for your customer.

Did you recently sell any SBRs or silencers to your local PD? Great! We will electronically file the Form 5 and drop ship directly to your department, again eliminating unnecessary paperwork delays.

We are here to help you as a dealer be as successful as possible. While we can answer almost any question you have, in those rare instances we do not know the answer, we are not scared to tell you. We will find it out, and get back to you in a timely manner.

From Florida to Alaska, we are here to help all dealers succeed.

Individual Sales

We no longer sell to the public. However, we are more than happy to discuss any specifics or questions you have on any of the products we carry, and help direct you to a dealer close to you to purchase your product from. We sell to thousands of dealers in all 42 states that silencers are legal in, and would love to help you find a local shop that can exceed your expectations.