About Us

Allen Arms started in 2008 as a retail firearms store with a 13 lane indoor range with an 01 FFL and 03 SOT. We started into the NFA world by selling silencers and SBR’s on Form 4’s to local individuals, and very quickly realized there was not only a void, but an opportunity for a distributor to rise within this niche market. There were not any of the large distributors that our range used that dealt in NFA products, due to the wait times, extensive paperwork, and additional compliance required. From lack of product knowledge and the paperwork that accompanies the NFA process, to inexperience with the NFA process and the status of an order, we at Allen Arms made the decision to turn our focus to helping other dealers by becoming a distributor, and focusing on NFA products.

In 2009 we became a distributor and began selling silencers to other dealers, as well as still handling South Carolina customers with Form 4 needs. Our focus was to be able to provide serial numbers and all pertinent Form 4 information to the dealer immediately, provide any assistance necessary in completing Form 1’s, 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s for our dealers to assist their customers, and to have the absolute best customer service in the industry. We wanted to be able to answer any phone calls or emails from our dealers and give them the information they needed, on the spot. We also became the go-to dealer in South Carolina, boasting customers from all over the state that drove to us due to our expertise in NFA paperwork.

In 2013, we decided to completely step away from the retail game, due to ever growing demand and an amazing response from the industry we were trying to help grow, and a realization that we could not continue to grow and further enhance our dealers experience while having a foot in both the wholesale and retail segments. By giving up the Form 4 and retail market, it allowed us to focus and redouble our efforts at providing the best service possible to our expanding dealer network, and increasing the amount of efficiency in which we could help them with any issues or questions.

Since those days, we have never looked back as we have continued adding new and innovative product lines, launching our website with dedicated inventory, and providing a system that delivered serial numbers for the products ordered within minutes of order, which was the highest requested item of us from our amazing dealer base. Unlike conventional distributors, there are no minimums with us, and we do not discriminate against home based or non-traditional retail stores. We are also one of the only distributors in the country that accepts orders paid by CC, with no service charge added.

We play a special role for the manufacturers we represent. Being a niche distributor in a heavily competitive industry allows us insider knowledge and unprecedented access to first release items, allocations, and technical knowledge of products you will not find from any other distributor in the country. Being a family owned business gives us a lot more flexibility and ability to respond quickly to any questions or issues, without waiting for a decision from a corporate boardroom. We also have a proud history of veteran and first responder service and experience from our employees, past and present.

We are an asset that is only a phone call or email away that will do nothing but increase your profitability and productivity as SOT. Please give us a chance to exceed your expectations, and you will not be disappointed.


The AAT Team